Project of a residential and commercial building

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ROLE:Final design and site supervision of the structures
CUSTOMER:Immobiliare Manzoni 23 S.r.l.

The area of the old cinema Astra, near the historical center of the city of Monza, has become the object of a redevelopment project that included the construction of a new residential and commercial building.
Particular attention has been paid to the phases of demolition of the old building, and for the execution of the foundation structures. In the area is placed the tunnel underground of railway line Milan-Chiasso.
Piles foundations are used, while close to the tunnel a curtain of piles was performed to move the local load below the gallery structure.
The slabs of the structure have been made with plate-reinforced concrete, adopting the Bamtec system for the laying of the reinforcement; the reinforcement of the slab is produced in rolls which are then easily transported and unrolled in site as a carpet without the need for further works, thus reducing the execution time.
The building is rated energy class A.

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