Noise abatement area festivals sports center Vimercate (MB)

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ROLE:Final design and site supervision of the structures
CUSTOMER:Comune di Vimercate (MB)
INTERVENTION:Structural design of the new music pavillion

The project by arch. Samuele Villa has provided the noise abatement of the "party area" within the Sports Centre of Vimercate (MB), through the execution of a pavilion as a new space for the music.
The new structure, built by Zemac of Agrate Brianza (MB), has a polygonal shape in plan of about 15 m to 10.50 m, with the open front face and is limited to a regular pentagon.
The supporting structure consist of a vertical reinforced concrete wall, while the roof is made with a system of 5 main steel beams with a tubular rectangular section. These beams are connected to the top of the wall and at their top to a ring steel plate.
A second ring is positioned in the middle of the roof connecting all the beams, and is made by rectangular tubular section steel beams.
Over the beams is positioned a corrugated steel sheet for a subsequent cast by concrete.
Under the main profiles are positioned two plates welded as C that allow the insertion of soundproof panels designed by Coverd srl of Verderio Superiore (LC).

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