Bridge on railway line AV Turin-Venice

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ROLE:Collaboration in executive design
CUSTOMER:CP engineering s.r.l. (Mi) per Fiat Engineering s.p.a. (To)
INTERVENTION:Design of structures of bridge pillars

Between the years 2002 and 2004 the Studio Cusmano srl has partnered with CP Engineering srl of Milan for the detailed design of some railway-highway overpasses on the speed line Turin-Venice.
In particular, the design focused on the pillars of the following bridges:

  • Highway and railway overpass S.P. Recetto-Landiona

  • Highway and railway overpass Villarboit

  • Railway bridge on the line Biella-Novara, within the variations of traffic in the area Agognate

  • Highway and railway overpass S.C. Lista-Cascinassa

  • Highway and railway overpass on the municipal road connecting SS Novara-Malpensa-Romentino

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